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4Aircrew is a new Online Program combined with Smartphone Applications where worldwide Aircrew Members can enjoy Deals & Discounts, Special Offers and also meet friends and colleagues from other airlines through our Aircrew Network Service. 4Aircrew membership is completely free of cost for all Aircrew Members independently of which airline are employed.

Our Smartphone Applications are free of cost to download with unlimited use and search with no hidden fees. Become now a Member of 4Aircrew and discover a wide range of functionalities created specifically for you. Read More

Discover Deals and Discounts

4Aircrew is a new online service created specifically for Aircrew Members and addressed to businesses keen on joining the program as Business Partners to offer discounts, deals or special promotions for worldwide Aircrew Members who are residents in the cities where those businesses are located. This online service is also addressed to the several thousands of Aircrew Members daily flying around the world, traveling to and from different international destinations.

Smartphone Apps

Discover our published deals & discounts, interact and share aviation news with your colleagues and friends, meet, exchange tips and information with several worldwide Aircrew Members as they travel. All accessible through our apps!

100% FREE to download for all Users

For Businesses

4Aircrew is designed to boost your business! Businesses and entities keen on joining the Program as Business Partners to offer discounts, deals or special promotions to global Aircrew Members who reside in cities where your businesses are located and those travelling to your cities.

Sales Agent Program

Our Sales Agent Program is designed to allow you to have an extra incoming by promoting 4Aircrew within businesses willing to provide deals & discounts for global Aircrew Members.

Joining our Sales Agent Program is completely free of cost, there is no charge or fee to be part of our Sales Agent Group.